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Kaveh Tikmeh Dash Steel Industries Co. (SFK)
Based on an approach toward creating added value and increasing the GDP, “Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh-Dash” Company has been established with foreign investment and with lofty goals such as creating employment, providing a part of the rebar needs of the civil and construction projects of the country, preventing the outflow of foreign currency, and earning foreign currency through the export of surplus domestic needs. The executive operation of this manufacturing-industrial complex started in 2008 and was put into operation in 2011. This complex is currently operating as one of the effective actors in the field of production of all kinds of construction rebar in the country, with the capacity of producing three hundred thousand tons of all kinds of rebar.
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Intending to provide the required ingots as raw material, “Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh-Dash” Company created a "melting unit" In 2018. Since 2020, the first phase of this unit has been put into operation and it is working in the field of supplying billets for the internal needs of the company, with an annual production capacity of about seventy thousand tons of steel billets. In line with achieving the goals outlined in the vision and policies, and relying on the efforts of expert and human resources, as well as the support of its valued customers and audiences, “Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh-Dash” Company has been able to establish the first private steel industrial town in the north-west Iran in a 50-hectare field and provide the basis for the activity of more than 40 industrial units and by realizing this, it succeeded in creating 420 direct job opportunities and 2000 indirect job opportunities. Using the high power of its technical and engineering team and hardworking workers, this company produces all kinds of construction rebar of type A1, A2, A3, and A4 in sizes from 8 to 32 mm, grade rebar (B500B and B500C) following European standards and CIS countries and also produces steel billets with 3SP and 5SP grades.
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With goals derived from the organizational mission of Foulad Kaveh Tikeme Dash, we are the constant companion of our customers

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